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Use live stream to grow your business

Our platform gives you the tools to make your webcam stream interactive and part of a dynamic two-way experience.

Grow Your Business
Reliable Hosting

Host your webcam on a platform you control

We put you in the driver’s seat. Deliver live content the way you want and tell your brand’s story your way.

Customizable Player

Fully Customizable Player

Reinforce your brand with our white label player. We give you control and flexibility over your brand and message.

Easy Embedding

Easy & Fast Embedding

Embed the lightweight, responsive and SEO-friendly player on your site. All you need to do is copy and paste our embed code.

Media Channel

Interactive Media Channel

Encourage your audience to dive into a specific piece of content in your gallery using our interactive media channel.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Analyze the performance of your webcam with custom reports that include information about visitors, locations, devices, etc.

Grow your community and increase conversions

Expand your reach and motivate viewers to take action. Ozolio makes it easy to deliver relevant content at the right time to targeted audiences.

Increase Conversions
Social Publishing

Social Media Integration

Broadcast your webcam seamlessly to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms without the need for an encoder or additional software. Your followers will receive push notifications, so they know exactly when to tune in.

Conversion Tools

Conversion Tools

Calls to action (CTAs) make it simple for your audience to take action right from your live stream. You can use text, images, or custom HTML as a CTA to send viewers to another relevant page where you can convert them.

Ad-Free Experience

Ad-Free Experience

Stop your viewers from getting distracted. You don’t have to worry about your audience getting annoyed by third-party ads, distracted by unrelated content, or drawn away to a competitor site.

Save Time

Create and automate content to save time

With a stack of ways to automate and schedule your content, you can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on more important things.

24/7 Video Recording

Never miss a moment. Get continuous, uninterrupted 24/7 recorded footage of your live stream. Our unlimited cloud storage allows you to automatically store your records in the Ozolio cloud media library to access them whenever you need them.

Video Recording

Timelapse Recording

Effortlessly create beautiful timelapses. With a load of custom settings and intervals, you can create a visual summary of your live stream by automatically recapping the highlights and turning them into a captivating video.

Timelapse Recording

Automatic Embedding

Streamline changes to your player, CTAs, links, and more. Your website will automatically reflect changes, without having to touch the embed code. Goodbye complex embedding routines and tedious manual code changes!

Automatic Embedding

Content Scheduling

Save time, stay organized, and keep your viewers engaged. Schedule relevant media content and pair it with your live stream with just a few clicks. You can replace your live feed at night, during service times, or when you think it’s the perfect time to share a message with your viewers.

Content Scheduling
Domain Protector

Rest easy knowing your webcam stream is secure

Control who has access to embed your live stream on their website with domain whitelisting and embedding restrictions. You can rest knowing you’re  protected from webcam hijacking.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg